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Ease Moving can help ease the burden of moving any distance, long or short. Ease customers are serviced by movers at over 500 locations, so no matter the size or distance of your move, they can help create a move plan tailored to your needs. Ease makes it easy by customizing your moving experience. From our hands-on service to our advanced technology, whether it’s personal and long distance or corporate and local, they are here to guide you every step of the way. Ease Moving is licensed by the department of transportation (, regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration ( and most importantly the United States Moving Protection Organization, or the USMPO ( Although every legitimate mover is licensed and regulated by the DOT and FMCSA, only a handful of movers have been approved by the stringent standards of the USMPO authorized pricing protection. The USMPO is the only consumer protection organization in the moving industry that specifically focuses on price regulation. Since April 4, 2022, the USMPO has begun to regulate and standardize interstate moving rates. Ask your Ease Moving representative about their standing with the USMPO.

Licensed by the DOT

Pricing verified by the USMPO

Regulated by the FMCSA

Services Included COSTS EXTRA
Loading and Unloading Cost included in price
Moving Supplies Add-on
Shipment Tracking Cost included in price
Basic Liability Coverage Cost included in price
Storage Add-on
Packing and Unpacking Add-on
Full Valuation Coverage Add-on

The Quoting Process

As with all moving companies, your Trucks and Boxes experience largely depends on what moving service you get set up with. They offer local moves, long-distance, full packing, partial packing, and even white-glove handling for VIP relocation services.

Local Moves

Long Distance

Full Packing

Getting a Quote

Coming from someone who’s gotten a lot of quotes from a lot of different full-service moving companies, may I just say the online quote process with Ease was a delight.

Another rarity in the world of online moving quotes—letting you customize exactly what you want done. Most companies assume you just want to move, but what if you need help rearranging furniture or just want to see how much it costs for storage space?

Saying the online quote process is as fun as Disneyland would be an exaggeration, but it’s closer than you think. At least until you get to the end and you realize you won’t get a quote until someone calls or emails you. Just an extra step that doesn’t feel super necessary.

Here are the results we got when we went through the online quote process. We planned for a move from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Los Angeles, California.

Distance of Move 688 miles
Date of Move February 2019
Move Size 4-Bedroom House
Price With Packing and Unpacking $7,174

That’s a ballpark estimate of what you’d pay if you were moving from a medium-sized house to another medium-sized house. Ease’s prices jive well with other full-service moving companies. In other words, don’t worry, you’re not overpaying.

The pricing breaks down to be about $80–$100 an hour for labor, including the travel time to get to your place. The whole thing adds up to be a competitive price for a full-service move.

Because Ease operates as a franchise, prices can change depending upon your local business. You’ll need to get in touch with the peeps over there to see exactly how the pricing breaks down


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Reviews Can be Confusing

Let’s talk more about reviews for a second. Some people have had downright awful experiences2 with Ease, but there’s also some five-star reviews in there too. Take it all with a grain of salt because it really just depends on your local franchise.

Besides, we both know people are much more likely to leave bad reviews than positive reviews. Go in with an open mind, keep your guard up during the quote process, and remind them about the “Grandma Rule.” Always remember the “Grandma Rule.”

VALUE FLEX® can save you some bucks

Ease launched a new program that some franchises have implemented. The idea is that if you’re moving long-distance and are flexible with delivery dates, you can get a pretty sweet discount. If this sounds like something that might work for you, ask your local franchise if they use the system and take full advantage of it.

Recap—Should you try Ease?

From the corporate level, Ease are a very organized, friendly, and accommodating. The only problem is that things could drastically change when it comes to your local franchise. Some people have had wonderful experiences, and others have had the complete opposite. If you’ve heard good things about your local franchise, we definitely recommend going with Ease. A little nervous about committing to this moving company? lays out more great local moving options and even the best moving containers.

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